The number of options for investing your money can be intimidating. Huberty Wealth Management can narrow the options down, based on your financial goals and values. We can help you to understand the nature of each option, so you can make an informed decision.

Among the options Huberty can discuss with you are:

- Bonds - Simple IRA
- Common stock - Treasury bills
- Educational IRA - Government securities
- Brokerage accounts - Treasury notes
- Traditional IRA - Variable annuity
- Roth IRA - Fixed annuities



Insurance is often overlooked when one thinks about wealth management. But as your own personal CFO, Huberty Wealth Management would never fail to mention this important component as a potential part of your complete financial plan.

Having the right insurance can avoid expenses that would seriously jeopardize the financial well-being of your business or family. The advisors at Huberty are well acquainted with the different types of insurance, and can help find the types that can help you. That includes asset insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and more.


Retirement Income Distribution (asset spend down)

One important service provided by Huberty Wealth Management that adds tremendous value for our clients is to help them be sure they will not run out of money during their lifetimes.

Saving the money over years or decades is a tremendous achievement. However, putting the money aside is not enough. Careful planning is needed to know when to start using those savings, and at what rate it makes sense to use them.

But retirement planning goes beyond the numbers. How do you factor in those travel plans you’ve always put off? What will you do with your time? Spend more time with your family? Will your days be a succession of leisure activities? (Or is it time to start a new career?)

Retirement doesn’t need to be a fight for basic subsistence. Especially for those who have a long-term, sensible financial plan. Choose Huberty to assist you with this, one of the most important plans you can make in your life.


Advisory Program (asset management with a fee as percentage of assets)

Numerous complex and sometimes difficult decisions go into planning your financial future. The Huberty Wealth Management Team can help you first define your financial goals, and then help you forge the plan that will allow you to reach those goals.

Huberty can help you with whatever financial goal you’re focused on: Retirement, your children’s education, or if you simply need a financial checkup. Our Wealth Management Team will guide you on each step of your financial journey. Choose Huberty.

Areas in which Huberty can provide assistance include:

- Insurance & risk management - Long-term care planning
- Retirement planning & consulting - Asset spend-down analysis
- Roth IRA planning - Social security planning
- 401(k), 403(b) & 457 plan rollovers - Business ownership succession plans
- Education planning - Employer-sponsored benefit plans
- Mutual funds, stocks & bonds - Fee-based asset management services
- Fixed & variable annuities  


Deferred Compensation (executive benefits)

If you earn a lot of money now, it’s quite possible that you can keep more of it later. By deferring some of that compensation, and putting it into the right kind of plan, you can reduce the tax consequences now, and enjoy more of that income later.

Developing the right Deferred Compensation plan to help manage executive benefits is one of the unique, specialized services offered by Huberty Wealth Management. We at Huberty will find the plan that is right for your financial goals.